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"See Something, Say Something" is the theme of a state-wide public awareness campaign empowering residents of Connecticut to help protect the state from terrorism and keep everyone safe. The campaign urges people to be alert and aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious objects or activities to the proper authorities.

Security personnel can't monitor every area of the state all the time. So the participation of ordinary citizens is an integral part of the country's homeland security efforts. Citizens know their surroundings - neighborhoods, schools, businesses, parks and transportation systems - better than anyone and they'll notice when something seems strange or suspicious.

This was perhaps never more evident than in May of 2010 when two street vendors saw a suspicious object in a vehicle parked in Times Square. When they said something to a police officer, they helped stop a potential attack in a heavily-populated area.

While public participation is vital, people often won't report suspicious situations because they fear being wrong. Or, they're simply not sure if it's "something" or "nothing." The campaign is designed to remove those barriers by increasing awareness of the public's role, helping people determine what something suspicious might look like and providing a simple means of saying something.

The campaign is commissioned by the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. It is funded by the federal Transit Security Grant Program. It will include messaging in television, radio, online, print and outdoor media, as well as educational materials and public relations.